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Great resources for hobby scale model builders

Nowadays it’s very easy to get into building scale models. Same is true with many other things really. With the internet you can go on and start reading up on how to do woodworking, gardening, you name it. There are however differences in the resources that you come across. Some are good, which actually have good information, that’s useful and will put you on the right track. Then there are others which are completely opposite. Today I’m going to share with you some of the resources that I used and still use today in my scale modeling adventures.

Star Wars scale model engineering – projects I love

Today for a change of pace I decided I should have a look at some of the scale models that other people have created. Sailboat model that I posted recently has taken a lot of my time for the past few months, and I don’t really have anything else that recent which I can brag with. However, seeing how I’m still under the influence of Star Wars – The Last Jedi that I watched recently, I wanted to see what kind of Star Wars themed scale models exist out there. Let me show you my favorite.


My first attempt at building a scale model of a ship

Hi there. If you follow my website you probably know that when I’m building scale models of something I usually engineer a train, a train on tracks, or a train and a train station, full set. I don’t know why, but I really love trains. It doesn’t make sense seeing how I’m a bus drive by day, but trains just relax me. Today I’m going to feature something different and show off a sail boat scale model that I worked on recently.


Scale model beginner tips – use easily removable glue

What we’re going to talk about today isn’t technically speaking a project, but more of an advice that I think will come in handy for beginners who are just now making their first steps in the world of scale model building. We’re going to be taking a look at what kind of glue is best for beginners to use, because there are some factors that have to be considered when talking about beginner scale modeling.