This is the shop area where I plan on posting completed scale model sets that I do that I decide to put up for sale. Like I already mentioned, this is going to be intermittent, when I have downtime between custom order gigs. I normally do train sets, but from time to time I have been known to dabble into boats, farming equipment, cars, etc.

There’s no rule what you’re going to see on offer here at the shop, or if you will see anything for that matter. For price you will have to contact me. We will work it out via email or a phone call.

I ship my items to United States, and if you live somewhere in Minnesota, or in nearby states, I will hand deliver the scale model set that you choose. In any case, get in touch with me to find out about both the price, and to hash out any delivery questions that you might have.

Currently I have these sets on sale: