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Read here to find out how I got into scale model engineering business and how now I make my living doing what I love. Join me on my quest in making scale models and spreading the joy of scale modeling with the rest of the world.


Hello and welcome to my personal website. My name is Alex Weber and I’m a scale model hobbyist. This website is an online archive of my projects and in general just a blog where I plan on posting updates about my various DIY and hobby adventures. I’m a family man from Minnesota and I love nothing else than working on my scale models of train stations, farms, fire departments, bridges, boats, and everything else in between. My hobby takes many forms, and recently I took up learning how to make one of those quadcopter drones that everyone is crazy about these days. However, me being me, I wanted to make something of my own, so I took up the DIY route of actually building the thing myself. I needed a best $100 drone to lift my camera and be stable enough to take decent video.

Many people build camera drones, and then they take them on vacations and whatnot. That is actually what I’m planning on doing with the one that I’m in the process of building. There’s a huge community of DIY drone builders, so I hope I’ll get help from them should I become stuck along the way. Payout for my troubles might arrive this summer already. I’m planning a trip to Europe near the end of August, do a bike trip through Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. I’ve heard some great things about Unesco protected Blue Lagoon in the Adriatic sea. I’ll have to check it out while I’m there, and of course take some great aerial footage with my hopefully completed sky camera, should it be completed until then of course, πŸ™‚ .

I get this feelding that DIY builds of this kind might become a thing for me. It seems to be really fun and there are many different setups that you can try. It’s almost like building scale models of vehicles, buildings, etc. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s talk first about the reason we’re here, what this website is going to be all about.

Latest stories

What is scale modeling and why should I care?

Scale modeling is a hobby that makes scale models out of everyday vehicles, buildings, people, cities, and situations that those actors find themselves in. For example, my latest project involves building a scale model of a train station stop complete with buildings, railway tracks, trains (of course), train engineers, conductors, passengers, the whole shebang. There’s nothing that I love more than building a large, detailed scale model of something. It’s my dream to one day build a scale model of a city that’s so big and so detailed that I have to get a good camera drone to be able to record everything in a single shot from air. But now that I think about it, that’s would require a really big model, like a real city, so I don’t know what the heck it is that I’m talking about, πŸ™‚ .

Many people have taken scale model engineering to a whole new level and that is really nice to look at. For instance, there are many YouTube videos of people showing of setups with RC scale models of trucks or tractors that fool some people into thinking that it’s the real deal. You only notice that something is up if you see a human in the video, or something else comes up in the background that tells you it’s scale models you’re looking at. For me it was when a truck in one of the videos like the one down below tumbled down the side of the mountain and I noticed that it tumbles down really weird. I had a duh moment right then and there.

Just take a look at a video above. This is what I’m talking about, these people go the extra mile when building their scale model sets. The engineering that goes into building something like this is on another level. Notice just the sound and how it all makes for a well rounded, very convincing set. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of effort went into building everything else as well, but for me, the sound takes the cake really. That kind of realism I try to replicate in my scale models. That’s what scale modeling is all about, at least in my opinion.

Projects that I am currently working on?

Well like I already mentioned, when it comes to scale model creation I’m all over the place. That’s because I’m what I call a set builder. When I’m creating a scale model of something I build the entire set. Some people just focus on building a scale model of a car, a boat, fire truck, or something else along these lines. That is however not the case with me. Also, I have recently started working onΒ 1:12 scale model cars, more detailed updates about my upcoming projects will be published soon in the blog section.

I like to build a full set for the scale models that I’m working on, to complete the immersion, to paint a full picture. Have a look at the gallery above which has photos of some of the projects that I either worked on or I’m currently working on (in other words, they don’t have their sets completed). With the number of sets that I have, I really might be able to pull off setting up one giant set and use a drone camera to capture a “city flyover”. Maybe that’s something that’s something I can work towards. Is that something that you’d like to see?

Hire me, buy something from my store

Without going too much into my life story here on the home page (I do have an about me page where you can find out more about me) let’s just say that a few years back I decided to try and make a life for myself out of my hobby of building scale model sets and things have been going great to be honest. Yes, that’s right, I am a scale modeler for hire and you too can acquire my services, for a reasonable fee of course. Hey, I have to put food on the table for my family.

I mostly work on model sets for engineering teams, company presentations, you draw it, I build it. That’s how it works. My clients will usually come to me with their drawing, at least a rough draft of what they want to create and then I either work off of your own specification (if your drawing is good enough) or I fire up a 3D design software and build a higher quality design of your idea, so that you’re not disappointed with the actual finished project. Don’t worry, I’ve had a lot of experience and you won’t have any regrets if you need a scale model of something and you either don’t know how to do it yourself, or you are in a bind and need some help getting the project done in time.

Store is a recent development that I’m still working on. Basically what I’m aiming at with the store is to sell completed sets to people who want to have a scale model set, but don’t have the time to work on one themselves. These are already made, so you don’t have to draw a design, or do anything of the sort. Just open up the shop, pick a set and I’ll have it delivered to you in no time. I’m shipping to US only, and if you’re close-by I’ll hand deliver the set to you for no extra charge. Currently the shop is empty, but I plan on make a few sets to populate it in the future. Stay tuned.

Thank you for stopping by

Let me just finish this little write-up of mine by saying thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I hope you found something useful here and that you come again soon. You can get in touch with me using the contact form down below. There is also a contact page that I’ve setup, with a P.O box for your care packages and also my personal email that you can contact me on. Lastly give some love to my favorite scale model Facebook group and Twitter profile. Consider joining and following them as they have a lot of useful information and are very helpful, especially if you are a would be, up and coming scale modeler. See ya around, hopefully.

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