Great resources for hobby scale model builders

Nowadays it’s very easy to get into building scale models. Same is true with many other things really. With the internet you can go on and start reading up on how to do woodworking, gardening, you name it. There are however differences in the resources that you come across. Some are good, which actually have good information, that’s useful and will put you on the right track. Then there are others which are completely opposite. Today I’m going to share with you some of the resources that I used and still use today in my scale modeling adventures.

Great resources for hobby scale model builders

First up is a website whose name has a great ring to it, Fine Scale Modeler, which is the full name of the magazine that started it all, offers lots of information about scale models. Website has a bunch of model kit reviews, many useful how-tos and they also operate a shop where you can find a lot of useful items for purchase, if you are a novice scale model builder.

On the website, they even developed a podcast, or should I say a TV show of sorts. They record video discussions on the topics of scale modeling and post them on the website. All in all, this is a great resource for any would be scale modeler, and I definitly recommend it if you want to get into scale modeling.

This next website hasn’t been updated in a while unfortunately. has been my go to website in the early 2010s for finding good quality kit reviews, news from the world of scale modeling and also a great place for finding like minded people with whom I would conduct discussions on their forums on the topic of scale modeling.

There was also a great community behind the website on Facebook and a very active gallery section where you could show off your models. But sadly everything on the website has died down in the recent years. Last post that was made in 2016 from what I can tell. It’s a shame really, but is still a great resource if you want to look up reviews, and there’s some great tips and how-tos in the forums.

The last website that I’m going to feature here is a one man show, similar to my own website here. is run by a a lifelong lover of scale models, who focuses on building scale models of primarily military vehicles and aircraft, but Mr. Andy Renshaw has also been know to dabble in things like oldtimey sports cars, which can be seen on the blog on his website.

Next to the sections of his website that offer the usual, reviews, recommendations for books and publications, a blog where he speaks about the current projects, Andy also has a section called “Services”. Yep, that’s right. Andy is also a gun for hire, so to speak. You can hire him to build scale models for you, or he can help finish your own scale model assemblies, if you don’t have the time or the skill. You should check him out. He really knows his stuff.

In conclusion, Google is your friend

Best resource that you can learn is sharpening up your Google-fu skills. Many problems that you come across while building scale models can easily be solved by simply knowing the proper search term to feed into Google, and then reading the results for an idea, or an inspiration from someone who either solved the same problem that you are having, or a one similar to it. Learning to find micro-resources like that, which is what I’m calling them, is the best was forward, if you want to become a scale modeler. I’m hopping this helps someone get their feet wet, if nothing else, in scale modeling. Cheers.