About me

Hi there, I’m Alex Weber and I am a soon to be retired bus driver from Minnesota and I’m a huge fan of scale modeling. Together with my son, I usually spend my weekends working on projects together with my son. I’ve been a fan of scale model building ever since I first saw people riding their RC scale model vehicles (Earth movers, bulldozers, tractors) on YouTube, when watching clips with my son when he was younger.

That’s been over 10 years ago. My son is now 15. It’s been a long time since he stopped watching RC video clips, but his old man sort of got stuck on them and developed a complete hobby out of it. So now when I’m not working at my job you can usually find me at home either devising a design for my next scale model set, or actually working on finished designs. That’s about it when it comes to me. I’m not really that interesting. Other than building models I like tech, watching TV, drinking a good beer and going out to the movies with my family. I’m lucky to have a very supportive wife, Emily, that has been known to help me and my son at times in the workshop when working on a tricky build. Thanks for that honey. Hope to see you around.