Here are a few pictures of the Morton engine castings I purchaced from Bruce Satra. I decided to build this engine because I wanted a break from the design part, it will be nice to work off a set of plans already made. I have always loved the look of this engine, it is a compact and tiny little radial. I have a few changes I want to make to the original design mainly just an electronic ignition with a hall-effect pick-up in the distributor. The castings are very nice and well detailed, I have not removed any of the flash or cleaned them up in any way yet. The plans are very nice also, Bruce has done a great job in updating the revisions in the plans. I purchased the three extra cylinders and pistons to build a single and a v-twin along with the radial. I am looking forward to starting this project soon.
 BORE  .625 inch
 STROKE  .600 inch
 DISPLACEMENT  .92 cubic inches
 RPM MAX  7000
 H.P. @ 3500 RPM  aprox. 1/2
 WEIGHT  22 onces
 FIRING ORDER  1-3-5-2-4
 PROP SIZE  16 inch x 8 inch pitch
 DIAMETER OF ENGINE  5 3/8 inches