Jan 12, 2005

Thank you for all the nice emails. I have taken the V8 completely apart to inspect for wear and to photograph all the internal components, everything inside looks great and I have spent the last few days cleaning all the parts and getting them ready for pics. I plan to photo every piece and explain how I went about machining them. I then will take pics of the engine going back together and explain the process such as setting cam timing and the dual distributor timing. I should be ready to start taking pics Friday evening, and posting them on Saturday. I am going to go with a smaller picture size like I did with the Wren turbine parts. If anyone has comments on how to do it better please let me know, I have DSL so I don't have any idea how long the stuff on this site takes to load. I have decided not to start the turbine build until the V8 portion of the site is finished, I do have a full time job that limits my free time, but I will try to get it done soon. Thank you again, James.
Jan 14, 2005

I have made a start on the engine parts page, I'm not too happy with the pictures. I am going to try something new tomorrow. I would like to first let everyone know that I have been getting tons of e-mail from a lot of different people thinking my engine is a Challenger or some type of Challenger hybrid? I have had questions on how I did the Hemi head conversion for the Challenger engine? Sorry guys this engine has nothing to do with or even remotely resembles the Challenger V8 engines. It is not based on any scaled down full size engine, no castings were used in this engine, this engine was constructed based on ideas I thought would look neat and be fun to machine. I do like the Challenger engines but I wanted to build something a little different. Thanks
Jan 23, 2005

I have had a busy week at my regular job, but I managed to get more pages and pictures on the V8 parts page done this weekend. Please forgive my terrible spelling and sentence structure, the web design software I am using does not have a spell checker, I can copy the text to the clipboard and paste it into Word, but it won't let me copy and paste back into the web design software. I have had a bunch of e-mail regarding the machine tools I use in my home shop, you don't have to start out with these expensive and heavy machines, I started out with sherline tools on the kitchen table in an apartment. I have never worked as a machinist; I learned how to use the tools I have from books, magazines, and friends. I am 32 years old and work a regular job during the week, I slowly upgraded my tools over the years to the machines I have now. Thanks for all the comments. James
FEB 27, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been putting my V8 back together and getting it running again. It's back to running great. I have all the pictures done for the V8 reassembly pages; I will try to work on posting them this week.
May 12, 2007

Well it has been almost two years since I last updated this site, so I figured it was time to do so. I will try to keep the site a bit more up to date. I will be adding new pictures and projects over the next week or so. I have finished the turbine engine and acquired some new machine tools so take a look around.
I am getting ready to start a new project it will be a 1/3 scale top fuel hemi style engine I will add a new section to this site for this project and add pictures during the build. I plan on building several of these engines; I will keep one for myself and offer the others for sale. I will also finish the about me page to let you know what I do at my regular job and show you some of the equipment I get to opperate. Thanks for looking, James.