The ignition timing is set using the degree wheel again along with CH Electronics ignition test module, this device simply gives you a visual indication of when the hall-effect sensors are triggered, it also can test the electronic ignition control by outputting a stream of pulses.

The degree wheel is placed on the crankshaft again and top dead center is found and the wheel is set to zero, with the test module connected to cylinder number one's distributor the timing is set to 28 degrees before top dead center, the CH unit fires the plug just after the LED on the test unit turns off. We now have the timing set for cylinders 1, 4, 6, and 7. Now with the engine back on top dead center of number one cylinder and the degree wheel reading zero, the engine is rotated clockwise 90 degrees and the degree wheel is set to zero, the ignition test module is plugged into cylinder number eight's distributor and the timing is set for 28 degrees before top dead center on cylinder eight, this takes care of the timing for cylinders 8, 3, 5, and 2. That's it timing is set and ready to start.

I thought I might share with you the wire I use to make my plug and coil wires, this stuff is perfect for this use, it is very flexible and the insulation is super thick. I think it is called test lead wire. The only bad part is, you have to buy a 100 foot spool.